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Rules of the Maxim service bonus program

1. These Rules apply to all users of the Maxim app, constitute Maxim’s official offer, and contain all the terms and conditions of the bonus program.
2. The following terms are used in the rules:
2.1. "Participant" is a user of the Maxim mobile app.
2.2. “New participant” is a user who has installed the Maxim mobile app for the first time, has never made orders via the app from their mobile device or phone number, and has never activated any Maxim promo codes.
2.3. “Promo code” is a sequence of letters and digits generated in the app and intended to be exchanged between bonus program participants. A promo code identifies its sender and receiver, provides bonuses, and enables participation in Maxim promotions. It can be only used in the country it was generated for. To activate a promo code, enter it in the corresponding field in the Maxim app.
2.4. "Bonus ringgit" is a currency unit calculated in Malaysian ringgits (1 bonus ringgit equals 1 Malaysian ringgit) that can be used to pay up to 10% of a ride price. Bonus ringgits cannot be exchanged for actual money and are valid for a limited period determined by these rules.
2.5. “Personal account” is a Maxim app user account created by Maxim and used to record advance payments and amounts debited or credited to pay for rides.
3. Bonus types:
3.1. “New user bonus” - a new participant enters a promo code from Maxim promotional materials in the Maxim app. Once the promo code is successfully activated, 7 bonus ringgits are credited to the participant’s account and can be used to pay for rides within 90 days from activation.
3.2. “Give your friends a ride” - a participant generates a personal promo code in the Maxim app and gives it to a new participant. After activating the promo code in the app on their mobile device, the new (receiving) participant receives 30 bonus ringgits. The giving participant receives 7 bonus ringgits for each activation of their promo code by new participants if the new participants make at least 3 rides via the Maxim app within 90 days. Bonus ringgits are credited to a user's personal account and can be used to pay for rides within 90 days.
3.3. “Campaign promo code” - a Maxim app user receives a promo code for participating in a Maxim promotional campaign. After activating the promo code, the user becomes a promotion participant. Bonus ringgits are not credited for activating the promo code.
3.4. “Prize promo code” - a Maxim app user receives a promo code as a prize for participating in a Maxim promotion. After activating the promo code, bonus ringgits are credited to the user’s personal account and can be used to pay for rides. The number and expiration date of the bonus ringgits are determined by the terms of the promotion.
3.5. "Gift promo code" - a Maxim app user generates a code using the "Create a gift promo code" button and specifies its value in bonus roubles themselves. The amount of money in Malaysian ringgits equal the amount of bonus ringgits is withdrawn from their personal account or their linked bank card. The user gives their promo code to a recipient in any way convenient for them. The recipient can activate the promo code. After the activation, the bonus ringgits amounting to the value of a gift promo code are credited to the recipient's personal account.
4. Maxim provides information on the rules, period, and terms of the bonus program in the Maxim app and on