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Rules of the Maxim service bonus program

1. These Terms are intended for users of the Maxim service and considered an offer to the public of the Maxim service, and set forth the terms and conditions of the Bonus Program.
2. Definitions:
2.1. Participant shall mean a user of the Maxim Service.
2.2. New participant shall mean a user who has used the services provided by Maxim for the first time, has not previously activated the Maxim service's promo codes, and has not placed orders by the app (from the cell phone number registered in the app) or by phone.
2.3. User shall mean a private person, who orders the Maxim service according to the conditions, described in the Maxim service operating rules.
2.4. Promo Code shall mean a sequence of letters and numbers generated in the application for individual use by the participants of the Bonus Program and exchange between Participants of the Bonus program. The promo code is the identifier of its sender and recipient, the bonus provided and participation in the promotions the Maxim Service. It can be used only in the country for which it was generated. To activate the promo code, you need to enter it in the corresponding field in the Maxim application.
2.5. Bonus Reals shall mean an amount calculated in reals (one Bonus Real is equal to one Real in Brazilian currency), which may be used as a discount of up to 10% of the order value at an available rate, if no other rule is specified in the advertising materials and (or) these Terms. The Bonus Reals cannot be exchanged for cash and have a limited period of use, established by these Terms.
2.6. Gift Reals shall mean a value calculated in Reals (one Gift Real is equal to one Real in Brazilian currency), which can be used to pay for orders using an available rate. Up to 100% of the order value can be paid, as long as it does not exceed the value (quantity) of the gift reals.
2.7. Personal Account shall mean a virtual account in the Maxim application, created by the Maxim service, the function of which is to register the advance payments and the amounts discounted from them by virtue of payment of the orders placed using the available rates.
2.8. Discount shall mean a discount provided to the user to use the Maxim services in the amount specified in Maxim's discretionary criteria, on the user's potential demand for orders placed using a rate from those available through the Maxim application.
2.9. Promotions shall mean various advertising and marketing events announced by the Maxim Service. As part of participation in the promotions, users may receive promotional codes, discounts and other benefits in the manner prescribed by these Terms.
3. Types of Bonuses.
3.1. "First Bonus". A new participant enters in the Maxim application a promo code from promotional materials of the Maxim Service. After successful activation of the promo code, the amount of bonus, specified in the promotional material, shall be credited to the New Participant's account and can be used to pay for rides within 45 days from the moment of its receipt.
3.2. "New Bonus". A New participant and (or) a  Participant who during the period specified in advertising materials has not placed orders using the registered phone number and has not activated promotional codes of the Maxim service can enter a valid promotional code. After activation of the promotional code the bonus amount specified in the promotional material shall be credited to the account of the New Participant or Participant who meets the criteria specified in this paragraph and can be used for payment of orders using an available rate within 45 days from the date of its receipt.
3.3. Gift for a Friend. A Participant generates a personal promo code in the Maxim application and shares it with a New Participant by any possible means. After activation of the promo code in the application, the New Participant shall receive a R$ 40.00 (forty reals) bonus. Participant shall receive R$10 (ten reals) of bonus for each activation of personalized promotional code performed by New Participants only when New Participants place at least three paid orders using a tariff among those made available by the Maxim application starting from the date they received the bonus reals. Bonus reals are credited to the user's personal account and can be used to pay for orders at a rate made available by the "Maxim" application during 45 days from the date of receipt.
3.4. Promotional Code. The Maxim application user receives a code to participate in a promotion of the Maxim service. After activating the promotion code, the user becomes a participant in the promotion. Bonus and gift reals for activation shall not be counted. The deadline and procedure for activating the promotion code, as well as the conditions, procedure and duration of the promotion shall be announced directly to the Maxim application user.
3.5. Prize Promo Code. A user of the Maxim application receives a promo code as a prize based on the results of participation in a promotional offer of the Maxim Service. After the activation of the modalities of the promotional code, bonus or gift reals, according to the respective specifications in the promotion terms, the value is credited to the user's personal account and can be used to pay for orders using an available rate. The value of the promotional code in reals and the deadline for its use are determined by the terms of the promotion.
3.6. Gift Promo Code. This function depends on availability in the application. The Maxim application user generates a promo code using the "Create gift promo code" button and indicates his or her own real gift value in gift reals. Cash in Brazilian currency, equivalent to the value in gift reals, is debited from the user's personal account or linked bank card. The user transfers his promotion code using one of the possible ways to the recipient, who can activate the promotion code. After activation, the gift amount in the nominal value of the gift promotion code shall be credited to the recipient's personal account.
4. Additional conditions of use of promo codes, bonus and gift reals may be specified in the promotional materials of the Maxim Service.
5. Maxim service informs you about the Terms and Conditions of the Bonus Program in the Maxim application and on the website